Gentle Affordable Effective Acupuncture $15-35 (initial $25-45)- you decide!

South Valley ABQ location: 1221 Isleta Blvd SW Suite 4 Albuquerque NM 87105

Hours: Tues-Fri 2-6pm (closed Mondays) - Special Clinics January 2020

Red Bird Community Acupuncture

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Patient Stories

"I've been going to Dr. Rodriguez for a little over ten months, and in that time, she has helped me with many issues: (1) type-2 diabetes, (2) arthritis pain in my hip, (3) menopause with extreme hot flashes and insomnia.  Because of her education and training in Oriental Medicine and expertise in Acupuncture, with her help I've been able to get off my meds, I've lost weight, sleep better, and rarely suffer from the hot flashes.  I would recommend her to anyone, at any age.  She knew exactly what I needed and treated me with great results." - Debra Luna, South Valley resident


I didn't know what to expect from my first acupuncture treatment but was pleasantly surprised at Dr. Rodriguez's super light touch with the needles.  Shortly after the treatment, I felt the nagging pain in my arthritic knee subside. I also felt less anxiety after the treatment.  I would recommend Dr. Rodriguez without any hesitation for arthritic conditions.  Now I use community acupuncture as part of my healthcare since it is super effective and extremely affordable.  I also like getting treatment with my family, as we like going all together.  - D. Marrero, Florida resident visiting NM